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5 Signs That You’re the Friend Who Disappears When In-Love

by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide” 

So you’re in a relationship and now you can’t seem to find time for your friends anymore… I understand. It happens.

But I want you to know your friends are talking about you right now.

Don’t get me wrong: They love you and are happy that you’ve found someone who makes you feel good and is worthy of your time, but they’re still talking about you.

They’re talking about you because you have this tendency to disappear when you find love. You may not realize it, but you literally lose all sense of time and communication whenever you’re in a relationship, and it’s really annoying because your friends can’t seem to get rid of you when you’re single, but when you’re in a relationship, you vanish, so there’s no in-between. You’re either here or you’re not.

You can stop this strange phenomenon, but the first thing you must do is realize you are that friend.

Here are five signs:

  1. You miss critical moments in your friends’ lives. Did Chris and his wife have the baby? Did Kim’s grandma pass? Did Phillip get the job and move out of the country? These are questions you should instantly be able to answer; however, since you’ve vanished, you haven’t the slightest clue and have missed some of the most crucial moments in your friends’ lives.
  2. Whenever you do call your friends, they refer to you as “Stranger.” In the age of social media and SMS texting, there’s no reason for your friends to feel like they no longer know you. If every time you do get around to calling them, they refer to you as “stranger,” this is their passive and sarcastic way of letting you know they miss you, and they wish you’d check-in more often.
  3. Your friends don’t invite you to hangout. Have you noticed when you do occasionally log onto social media to share a picture of you and your boo, all of your friends (even the married ones) are photographed having a great time together? The picture is perfect, except it’s missing you. And that’s intentional. What you don’t realize is your friends consistently asked you to hangout over a period of several months, and you stood them up or gave them the runaround. So they stopped reaching out to you. No hard feelings.
  4. You’ve put off calling your friends for so long that you don’t know what to talk about. If you’re delaying a decision to call your friends because you don’t know what to discuss with them, you’ve waited too long to reach out and should be prepared to get cursed out when you do finally work up the courage to call someone.
  5. Your parents are asking about your friends. When your parents start inquiring about your friends, this means they’ve noticed you’ve not made reference to your friends over a long period of time, and they’re concerned that your relationship may be keeping you away from those who have loved you throughout the years.

If any and/or all of the above signs describe you, pick up the phone right now and reach out to your friends. Yes, I know life is busy, but you make time for what’s important to you, and your friendships should be on your list of priorities to maintain and uphold.

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