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7 Signs That Your Man’s Ego Comes Before You

ConflectsMen who have a massive ego are insecure about themselves. When a guy is egoistic, he will lack the required self-esteem to bring positive vibes to a relationship. All he has to offer to the relationship will be negativity, and when a person is unhappy about himself, he does things which drive people away. If your boyfriend is egotistic and self centered, he will be more concerned about his fragile insecurities than considering your well-being and needs.

7 signs his ego is more important than you

  1. Everything is about him

You can’t have a decent conversation about how your day went with him because he would change the subject to being about him.  For example, if you’re hurt or depressed, and you tell him about your sorrows, instead of helping you get out of this state and providing support, he makes it all about himself by talking about his pain. It seems as if it’s too hard for him to listen and understand someone else’s pain.

  1. He’s an ‘A**hole’

He can’t just accept that you were right; he will just try to take all of the credit and discredit you from everything. His ego is so colossal that it’s actually tangible in the air that surrounds him.

  1. The blame game

Whenever there is a disagreement, he makes sure his a** is covered and leave you high and dry. nothing is ever his fault because he thinks he’s always in the right. Eventually, you would feel guilty.

  1. Everything around is more attractive than you

He is easily distracted by whatever interest him. For instance, if a woman with a nice figure walks by his eyes would follow her as she passes. Sometimes, it can be something small like him being on his phone contentiously. If he were serious about you he would have his eyes on no one but you.

       5. You are the source of his energy and esteem

You are supposed to be strong for him and support him to keep him happy. He expects you to find him perfect and flawless as he is center of your world. He feels he needs to be praised for what he has done and every time he does something.

        6. Too critical of you

All of his judgement is negative and he never has anything positive to say. This puts you down. He only does this to make himself feel better.

  1. Jealousy 

As much as he despises you, he still cannot bear to see any other guy even look at you because you are his trophy. You are perfect and he knows that but will never admit. If you have an ex that you still sometimes greet in the hallway, well, you are in for great trouble missy! He will never let you be free and will cut your wings because you belong to him and his trophy cannot be shared with anyone at all.

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