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Cracking The Man Code

According to YouTube personalty, Mathew Boggs, men are like a waffle and women are like spaghetti. He explains how a man’s brain is broken down into sections, and a man’s brain can only focus on one thing at a time. He also explains how a woman’s brain works together in unity

According to Boggs sex is the largest section of a man’s brain and his emotions are the smallest section; they are also located on opposite sides of the brain. He calls the sex drive “Miami” and the emotions “Seattle”.

Main reason a man talks to a female is because he is sexually attracted to her. He says “That’s Mr. Miami talking, and he is going to ask for sex”. When a woman is ready for sex she has had time to think things through and put her emotions in the equation.

To get a man’s attention a woman should say “no”.

If a woman tells a man no for so long he will leave Mr. Miami and go to Mr. Seattle. He will take time to see what he likes about this woman. He wants to know if she is worth his time.



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