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Thee Urban Sophisticate: How to Activate Your Alpha Male

“There’s something about a free-spirited, passionate woman.  One who has the perfect balance of femininity and gangsta. You know, the one who has that je ne sais quoi and the ability to leave you at a loss cause you just can’t figure her out.  Men are captivated by the “non-easy girl” but they have no idea of how to get her.”Teneice  “The Alpha Female and the Men who (think they) Love Her”

Allow me to pick up where my homegirl left off, for the sake of my brethren who really do love “Her”. There are countless men out here who are captivated by the “non easy girl”. So how do you get her?

Answer: Be an alpha male. The end.

No, well, yes, but seriously, we’ll handle how to attract her later. But before you go put your bid in to the nearest Alpha Female that catches your eye, first ask yourself are you willing to do the following:

Support Her –  There was a study out of Harvard Business School recently that talked about how it wasn’t kids holding women back from career advancement, but Husbands. Why? Because men felt their careers held precedent over their significant other. If you want to attract an Alpha female be clear, your career will not take precedent over hers, but instead, it will be viewed the same. Her goals and dreams are very much just as important and urgent as yours. Humble yourself and assure her that she isn’t going at it alone.

Keep it 8 More Than 92 –  This woman doesn’t have time for any pussyfooting. She wants a man that can speak his mind, mean what he says and stick to it. Give it to her straight, no chaser, she prefers it this way. All your preconceived notions about women don’t apply to her. Just keep it 100.

Bring Value From Day 1 – She’s not an insecure woman who doesn’t acknowledge her worth, so keep that in mind when you approach. Know yourself, because it’ll save you the embarrassment if you’re not bringing much to the table. Yes, an alpha female judges, and she won’t apologize for it either. Approach her with not only your ish together, but with some extra oomph that’ll positively impact her life. Because if you can’t, why should she honestly bother?

“What’s odd is that these women generally represent all the things that men claim they desire in “the perfect woman”.  Independent, thrilling and soul stirring.  Yet, we’re told we’re difficult, too much work and a slew of other little catch phrases to get us to lower our price tag. “Teneice 

Who wouldn’t want an independent, thrilling and soul stirring woman? An Alpha Female brings so many benefits to the modern relationship. For the men who think she’s too much “work”, do you have any idea what you’re missing out on?

  • She’s Ambitious, so she’s not just trying to spend your money but you better believe she’s out there grinding making her own. This comes in handy for those days you need inspiration. She’d be right there, pushing you forward, and vice versa.
  • She appreciates her alone time, so she won’t be so clingy. She’s secure and you’ll love that she’s not in your face every second of the day.
  • She’s not a pushover, so she has no problem telling you what you need to hear. Those honest truths that you need to hear that you may not even tell yourself.
  • Which leads into how great of a communicator she is. She’s smart, so she has great perspective. Imagine a woman who can properly articulate her concerns, without all the extra ish sprinkled on top.
  • She’s confident in herself. She’s unbothered by trends and what every other woman is doing. A woman with a mind of her own? Gotta love it.

These are just a few perks you get when dealing with an alpha female, and while Teneice and other women may refer to many of us fellas not wanting to put in that “work”. I’d like to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and say maybe you just don’t know what you’re getting for all that “work”.

To the gentlemen who truly think they love the “her”  that I’m referring to, and want a little guidance on how to attract this woman, reach out to me Thee Urban Sophisticate and I’ll help you get her.


I bet I just saved you hours of research, imagine what an entire hour would do? Book a session with me here.  If it has to do with romance, I’m your guy.  Add me on Facebook @ Thee Urban Sophisticate 



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