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Watch: Grandma Teaches Granddaughter How To Suck D—

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Today in the 21st century, oral sex is a major topic; especially, for those who are married or even in a simple relationship. Some people would request oral sex just like it to happen even though they are considered to be single.

Everybody needs that extra encouragement in their life.It is always good to have that one special person you can turn to if you have any questions or need any advice on anything in life.

A curious, young granddaughter needing advice fron her grandmother 0n how to suck d—, due to her boyfriend telling her he is going to leave her if she does not know to suck d—. Grandma is there to help her granddaughter keep her relationship.

Grandma goes on to tell her the best way to do it is the way he likes. Well that helped none, because she does not know what he likes and she has never tried it. Grandma says ask him.

Granddaughter asks “well how do you put your mouth on it?”

She replies, “You would do it like you put your mouth on your finger and start licking like you do a lollipop… get you some candy or ice cream and start practicing.”

Granddaughter asked her ” Is that what you did get a ice cream and start practicing?”

She replies, “No i just remembered what I did and practiced then.”

She goes on to ask her granddaughter “How do you like you ‘click’ licked?”

Although this video may be humorous, grandma is right from the beginning of the video to  the end.

According to Stephanie Haase, blogger , Over 70 percent of men and women prefer oral sex to intercourse, studies show. Up to 80 percent of women can have an orgasm with oral sex, while only around 25 percent have it with intercourse.”

Getting to know what your spouse like is important of both you and your partner. You should try different techniques and pay attention to body language and sound that can really helps you the most when trying to get to know your spouse sexually. Once you know your significant other, your sex life is beyond incredible.



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