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Stacy Dash Under Fire After Being Accused of Aborting a Rapper’s Baby

Although Christmas is behind us, #ChristmasClapBack isn’t. Yesterday, BallerAlert revealed that Stacy Dash was being put on blast by Ryan Prophet of the group Nappy Roots for aborting his baby. He posted a screenshot of an alleged text message between him and Stacy Dash. The caption read:
Prophet blasts Stacy
“It’s no secret seven years ago I met the woman of my dreams. Later in our relationship she tells me ‘good news,’ well ‘GREAT NEWS,’ she’s pregnant. That was the best f****** day of my life. Later she starts to act funny towards me for someone else, while pregnant with my baby. The new guy she’s with requested for her to get an abortion so she could have his baby. Everyone I don’t have kids but I’m in my feelings because even though that guy brainwashed her she should have gave me my baby(.) It would have been a blessing to watch my seed unwrap gifts for Christmas thank you @realstacydash for killing my baby trying to please another MF smh…”
text message
Dash has been married 3 times. This must be around the time she got with her third husband Emmanuel Xuereb. According to Wikipedia, they were married from 2007-2011. He’s not the father of either of Dash’s two children, though.
The biggest question is do we believe this guy? Seven years ago, the internet along with social media wasn’t as prominent so you couldn’t just take a quick photo to prove the two were a couple. Google doesn’t even have a record of the two of them as an item. Could this be a ploy for Prophet to continue to stay relevant?
His scheme to remain relevant began earlier this year when he was featured on an episode of the popular MTV show “Catfish” in July. Bustle gave a brief synopsis of the episode.
R. Prophet, the first rapper to ever be on Catfish who wasn’t lying about his identity, just recently joined social media to reconnect with fans (basically, his “team” is telling him he needs to be on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay relevant). That’s how he met Trinity (aka Crystal) who he quickly started an online relationship/friendship with. The two connected on a personal level, as well as Trinity helping R. Prophet with his Go Fund Me raising money against police brutality. 
I watched this episode and I felt sorry for Prophet because I truly felt he was catfished although the majority of reality television is scripted nowadays. Well after seeing him in the media again for something that does not involve his rap career, I am starting to wonder if he genuinely has awful luck with women or if he is just latching onto any and every opportunity to remain relevant. What do you think?

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