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Taraji P. Henson Unveils Her Gorgeous New NFL Boyfriend

Empire star Taraji P. Henson ,aka Cookie Lyons, was spotted out in Miami, Florida walking hand in hand with a rather attractive young man. E Online later revealed that his name is Kelvin Hayden. Kelvin is a NFL player who previously played for the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts. Although the two haven’t had any social media interaction, the cozy beach pictures prove that they are definitely more than friends.

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I am very happy for the actress because just last year she expressed her difficulty with dating in an interview with Page Six.

“Listen, we’re like the Jeffersons. Now a big LA house. To us, it’s a mansion. When his (her only son) father passed away, I had only $900 to my name. And getting nominated, I blew it all on a pair of Louboutin shoes. I figured I deserved it.

“There’s also my mama, who was my date at the Oscars. She lives in Florida, and I’ll give her anything she wants. But she doesn’t want anything. She remarried. She found her lucky sucker. So if you ask how’s Mama making it alone, you’re confused. She’s not alone. It’s me who’s alone. I’m always looking.

“Hard to maneuver when you’re in show business. It shrinks the search pool. I don’t want an actor. I want a life partner. A real one. I had a guy, but cut to the chase. He was starstruck. They fall for the lady on-screen.

“Face it, I don’t wake up looking like Beyoncé. I think I’ll have to start hunting abroad. Maybe get off the Northern Continent. I know you just cannot have two narcissists together.”

It seems like she hasn’t had anything real since the loss of her son’s father William LaMarr Johnson. William and Taraji dated while they both attended Howard University and she became pregnant during her Junior year. He was brutally beaten and stabbed to death twelve years ago. Earlier this year, Taraji opened up to Star Magazine about the gruesome details of his murder.

“His dad was murdered when Marcell was 9,” Taraji says of her son. “He’s had to deal with life in a way that a lot of young kids haven’t yet.” And although she and Johnson were no longer together when he was killed, “we would sit and weep about it,” Taraji reveals. “Do I mourn for him? Absolutely. I wish my son had his dad. But sometimes things line up and they have to happen and we don’t know why.”

I am sure it is a tough blow to anyone to lose their first love and the father of their child. I hope she finds happiness with Kelvin because she deserves it.

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