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Thee Urban Sophisticate: How A Gentleman Gets Ready




Written by:  Thee Urban Sophisticate

It’s date night, congratulations. She’s home, in and out of 100 different outfits trying to figure out which one accentuates her look the best. Or maybe she’s in the mirror making sure there’s not one single hair out of place. Or she’s snapping a bunch of selfies checking her makeup. You get my point, she’s excited. She’s anticipating an experience she can brag to her girlfriends about. Now while she’s doing that, here’s what you should be doing:


SPRAY ON HER MEMORIES – Apply at your pulse points. A light spray on the wrists, a dab under each ear, a touch under the throat area. It allows your cologne to blend in with your natural scent which creates an aroma that is distinctly yours. Be sure to not rub your cologne into your skin, it’ll cause the fragrance to dissipate at a faster pace. The most effective time to put cologne on is after a hot shower due to your pores being open. For maximum effect try to lay off heavily scented soaps, it will infiltrate your cologne scent. Also, the foods and drinks you indulge in have an effect on your body odor. Which means your diet has the potential to negatively influence your scent. Fried foods, beers, and cigarettes may not be what you want to indulge in before a special date.


The Pad – Tidy up the pad a bit. It’s no guarantee she’s going to want to make her way up to your spot but if the night goes well, your chances of hosting a nightcap will increase for sure. Your refrigerator doesn’t necessarily have to reflect a recent trip to Whole Foods but try to have an assortment of food available. Snacks/Fruits and breakfast food at least, you know, for the morning after. Make sure in your bathroom the toilet paper is stocked, along with hand soap and an extra toothbrush. Nothing says you take control of your mornings like having a made bed, and it’ll be clutch if you had a satin pillowcase on deck, (so she won’t regret not having her scarf). Oh, and all dirty clothes in the laundry basket please.


The Element 7324213f35cd3a5fd11299d063cd3edcOf Surprise – Tradition may tell us to provide flowers as we arrive at her door. Understandably so, women tend to love flowers. But not all. She may appreciate you avoiding the cliche. Try a new book from her favorite author in place of the flowers, or a box of assorted macarons. This is the opportunity to surprise her with something she may have mentioned she wanted, but she likely thinks you weren’t paying attention while she was saying it. This will serve as a double surprise. That you were listening and whatever “Said” gift is. What better way than to start your date off with her entering your car with a pretty trinket that she gets to keep as a keepsake to remember the night.


Whip Appeal – First Aid Kit (mini) because freak accidents happen, especially minor ones and when they do, a hospital isn’t always necessary. Sometimes a first-aid kit will do the trick. It may be as simple as a cut or she may just need an aspirin- either way you’re prepared. You can find one at your local pharmacy for about $10. Throw it in the glove compartment and hope you never have to use it. AAA Membership card is essential for obvious reasons. We’ve all likely had car trouble before, and it always seems to occur when we least expect it. So whether your battery dies or tire pops, one call to AAA and they’ll be out to address your issue in a pretty reasonable time. Hopefully you already checked the forecast for the evening, but if there’s a slight chance of rain, play it safe and grab an umbrella. Make sure her entire body is covered under the umbrella because this isn’t the type of wet you want her to be.


placeitDo Your Googles – By this point you’re all ready to go, but before you leave out it’s certain information you should gather. What’s the weather? Any local accidents/traffic re-routes that may interfere with time constraints? Any information that you don’t currently know about the venue, here’s your opportunity to find out. Restaurant reviews (hopefully this is done before Date Night). Look into some of the apps I mentioned here, and see if there’s anything poppin off around the Date Venue that you two can get into in case she isn’t in a rush to head home.



I bet I just saved you hours of research, imagine what an entire hour would do? Book a session with me here.  If it has to do with romance, I’m your guy.  Add me on Facebook @ Thee Urban Sophisticate

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