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Trina New Song Fu@$ Boy Throwing Major Shots at an Ex-Boyfriend

I will start by saying this song is rated R so proceed with caution before listening. Trina has a new single called “Fu@$ Boy” and it seems as if she is airing out someone from her past. The lyrics tell a story about a man she regrets dealing with because she found out he was a fu@$ boy. All the lyrics point to her ex-beau French Montana, especially in this line:

“Running round town with your bum ass hoe, but I’m the blueprint that’s why you at my door. She my number one fan that’s what makes it sweet, bitch’ll do anything for a fuckin retweet”

Was that Twitter bar a shot at Khloe Kardashian? Trina and Khloe were friends while Trina was dating French Montana and once Trina and French ended things, Khloe and French became an item and Trina wasn’t too fond of that.

Trina didn’t mention any names in the song so all we can do is assume. But I can say that this song is my new guilty pleasure and could possibly be my new female anthem when I am in ratchet mode.


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