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What to Expect from A Man

Today, I am here with Joshua Spark, a Hinds Community College student majoring in Psychology, to talk about relationships. This is what he has to say today:

Not all men a simple minded; there are some men who are complex. Some men are more than sex when they are in a relationship, it’s called being compassionate about your partner.Yes, it is true a man loves to be with a beautiful woman, but that’s not the only interest a man has when he is ready for a relationship; a man also loves an independent, strong woman.

Those men who think about sex inconstantly seem to be completely immature and uneducated. It takes a “real man” to realize to that beauty is not only on the outside but on the inside. Physical appearance isn’t everything; it fades away eventually, but the personality and heart remain.

Ladies, a man loves a strong, independent woman but a relationship goes both ways. In other words, compromising in a relationship is good. For example, a woman may be so used to paying for her own food, she may not like someone paying for her dinner when she goes on a date. It’s okay, some men simply like paying for their women’s dinner. In some cases, it makes the man feel like he is fulfilling a man’s role.

The number one key to a long lasting relationship is honesty. If you know you are not ready for a long-term relationship just let your partner know before things get to serious. Please, do not waste time. Do what makes you happy, but be honest about whatever it.

*Remember: Honesty is key!


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